Schnauzers make a great addition to any family. They make wonderful pet for children as well as retired folks. Schnauzers are a
highly intelligent breed , very loyal,and very easy to train. If bred properly with quality sires and dams the mini schnauzers are
usually free of all health problems. Granted that they get fed a proper
diet and exercise on a daily basis.
Vitamins should also be a part of their daily diet.
One of the best qualities of the miniature schnauzer is that they do NOT shed and are
hypoallergenic,for those with families with
allergies. Mini Schnauzers are listed by the
American Kennel Club (AKC) as one of the top hypoallergenic breeds.
We here at SchnauzersRus specialize in Toy, Teacup, and Mini schnauzers in the traditional colors, and also the more
rare and unique colors that have been introduced in the last 15 years. We also pride ourselves in breeding puppies with
thick full "
The traditional miniature schnauzer is 12-14" at the shoulder which is the AKC standard,and will weigh approx. 12-18
pounds full grown. Our Toy schnauzers are 9-11" at the shoulder and will weigh around 6-11 pounds as an adult. The T-Cup
schnauzer puppies are 5-9" at the shoulder and weigh in at 2-6 pounds as an adult. The smaller size of the Mini schnauzer and the
Toy schnauzer variety makes them great for people who travel a lot or who can't lift the full size mini schnauzer.
When I first started breeding schnauzers 15 years ago I only raised the traditional mini schnauzer AKC colors that you
can show in the show ring. When my first parti schnauzer was born here, her parents were both black/silver so I was very
surprised when she was born. Once my children and I saw how cute she was we were hooked !! Weather you choose
the traditional color schnauzer puppy or a choclate,liver/tan,or bl/white parti schnauzer puppy there is no question about the fact
that the schnauzer breed makes the best family pet. Schnauzers are highly intelligent ,happy,fun loving ,loyal non-shedding  dogs
that make great companions,Therapy dogs,and even Service dogs. Schnauzers are used to find Cancer in humans and even for
police drug dogs. They give you their love unconditionally. Once you own a schnauzer puppy you will get "schnauzer fever" they
are like potato chips you can't have just one !!
The AKC recognizes all colors as pets,however they only recognize 3 colors in the show ring. Black,Bl/Silver,and
Salt and Pepper. We breed all of the colors but specialize in the black,bl/silver,and bl/silver parti schnauzers and will soon be
adding the liver/tan color to our lines.
All of our adult dogs and puppies are registered with the AKC and most of them have been DNA profilied.
We here at SchnauzersRus have gone to great lengths to find the highest quality AKC  Ch.lines possible,from a variety
of different AKC pedigrees so that we can have the healthiest puppies without any of the health problems that can come with a
schnauzer puppy that is mass produced from (puppy mills ) and the pet stores.
All of our dogs and their puppies live in our house with us and our 7 children and are handled with love from the day they are
I thank you for visiting our website,please browse around on the pages to view the
Sires and Dams as well as the pups 4
sale page and be sure to read what some of my Happy Customers have to say. If you would like references,please let me
know.I am a professional groomer as well so they will get a nice haircut before they go home.
SchnauzersRus takes great pride in breeding happy, healthy,well adjusted mini schnauzer puppies in Toy and Miniature sizes with
great coats, confirmation and temperaments.
Our pups come with tails docked, dew-claws removed,shots up to date a certified Health Certificate from a
Licenced Florida Veterinarian and a
Lifetime Guarantee from myself against any life threatening congenital or hereditary
Toy schnauzers,teacup schnauzers,and the traditional Mini schnauzers are the in my opinion the greatest breed
that you can own ! I would never have anything other than a schnauzer weather it may be the Toy ,Teacup or Mini
variety. Even the Standard schnauzer and the Giant schnauzers are great ,but you have to have room if you get the
standard or giant schnauzer,The Giant schnauzer makes a terrific guard dog as well as the minis, no one will sneak
up on you when you own a schnauzer of any size !!
I have even trained my mini schnauzer to be a certified service dog,she can open doors,pull off my socks and shoes
and put them away,pick up money or my keys ect... when I drop them. After having 9 children,and back and neck surgery
due to a car accident,it comes in handy,and she loves to work for me. The more I have her do the happier she is.
Service and Therapy dogs come in all sizes,and since the schnauzers breed does not shed and is hypoallergenic
it makes a wonderful Therapy or service dog. Some mini or standard schnauzers are used in the police force for sniffing out drugs
or contra ban in the airports. Not only can your mini schnauzer be your loving pet but may just be more help
than you could ever imagine. They can detect seizures,and low blood sugar in diabetics. If you would like more information on
ways to go about this kind of training please contact me .I will be more than happy to tell you how you miniature
or toy schnauzer can work with you and for you. Like a team !!
Welcome to SchnauzersRus of Sunny Brook Farms. We raise Toy and Miniature Schnauzers and are located in
Central Florida. We have 15 years of experience raising show quality Schnauzers with Champion Lines.  Puppies
are vet checked and come with a Florida Health Certificate from our  veterinarian. We are dedicated to helping you
get a healthy Teacup, Toy, or Mini Schnauzer puppy, and provide 100% support day or night for the life of your
puppy. You also receive a
lifetime guarantee. We hope to provide you with your next adorable addition to your
family. Please feel free to call us any time with questions. Serving the Orlando,Tampa Bay,Jacksonville,Ocala,
Lake County,and all of Florida as well as provide shipping to all of the U.S.A. and beyond.....

Our puppies come to you fully spoiled and ready to love. House breaking and crate training is started at four to five
weeks, so they will be well on their way to being
house broken before they arrive in your home. SchnauzersRus
wants to help you in any way possible so that you have less to worry about when you bring home your new
Schnauzer puppy.

Please check out our
Puppies For Sale pages to find your special puppy.

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